Washington, DC-November 21, 2013

Washingtonians and American University students gathered today at AU’s campus to demand Secretary of State John Kerry reject the Keystone XL Pipeline. Secretary Kerry was the keynote speaker at a conference at American University. President Obama will make the final decision on KXL, Secretary Kerry and the State Department are in charge of overseeing the environmental review, which has been plagued by conflicts of interest. We rallied today because he needs to know we’re watching closely to make sure that he will do the right thing and that the State Department conducts a thorough and unbiased final review.

 Though Secretary Kerry cancelled his appearance at the last minute due to being called to the Situation Room, our message was still heard by many throughout campus as well as other staff from the State Department who attended the event.

Big thanks to everyone who came out, especially the AU students who helped in creating the awesome banners.

Photo Credit: Thomas Meyer